pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

60 x 80 Pole Barn

What Are The Uses of 60 x 80 Pole Barn

60 x 80 Pole Barn – With approximately 4800 square feet of available space, a 60 x 80 Pole Barn can offer a variety of functions depending on your needs and desires. In this article, you’ll be learning all there is to know about pole buildings, its elements, the uses of a 60’x 80′ pole barn, and how much it will cost to build one.

Elements of Pole Barn and Their Function

A pole barn, also known as post-frame building, is considered one of the easiest and most economical way to build your dream barn. A pole barn grants you various forms of meeting your needs and wants at the same time, which you will be proud of for years to come. To start, here are some of the essential elements of a pole barn:

pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

  • Footings – The concrete mix that should be used is a minimum of 3000 PSI, and the minimum depth is 36″ from the floor line.
  • Posts – Placed at least 36″ from the floor line and 8′ on center depending on the location of your door.
  • Ground Contact Wood – Those posts and lumber directly in contact with the ground are pressure treated to make them functional for a lifetime.
  • Side and Roof Purlins – Both reduce the splitting at the point of connection with siding fasteners.
  • Structural Wood – Headers and carriers should be constructed from the most robust wood in the industry.
  • Roof Trusses – Trusses are placed 2′ or 4′ in the center. These are engineered with loading so that you can have the most substantial roof load possible in the industry.
  • Roofing and Siding – Both the roof and sides are secure with screws and are fully trimmed. The screws being utilized are weather-tight with both rubber and steel washers.
  • Doors

You can choose from overhead, sliding, or entry doors, depending on the function of your pole barn.

What Are the Uses of 60 x 80 Pole Barn?

With quite a large space of approximately 4800 square feet, here are some of 60 x 80 Pole Barn’s possible uses:

Agricultural Pole Barn – Storage area for sprayers, loaders, and tractors. To fit this function, you can insulate your garage doors to protect said equipment against snowstorms and winter. This way, you can be sure that your investment is safe, secure, and protected from harsh elements.

Specifically, an agricultural pole barn can function as:

  • Shed for Equipment
  • Garage for Work Trucks
  • Storage for Hay and Straw
  • Horse Stables
  • Work Shops
  • Barns
  • Farm Shop
  • Produce buildings

Residential Pole Buildings – A residential building can be a two, three, or four-bay residential garage. Moreover, you can build a residential garage in a combination of the following:

  • Workshop for woodworks, welding, etc.
  • Hobby/Crafts room
  • Second-floor living space/quarters/storage
  • Second floor for office
  • Storage space on the first floor

What are the benefits of a residential pole building?

Here are some of the benefits when you decide to build a residential pole building to your land:

  • Additional Value – Your property will have additional value since a pole building is permanent.
  • Customize the Color – You can customize the color of your pole building such that it is the same as your house. You may opt to customize its other features as well.
  • Protection for Your Other Assets – By building a temperature-controlled residential building, you’re choosing to protect your other assets.
  • Energy Efficient – Pole buildings, compared to the traditional way of construction, have lesser thermal breaks. Posts on 8′ or greater centers provide better insulation than a stick frame building with studs of about 16″ or 24″ on center.

If you want your residential pole building to be extraordinary, here are some features you can add:

  • A garage door on the side
  • Additional roof height to accommodate your taller vehicles
  • A seamless gutter system
  • Adequate insulation
  • Two-tone side wall selection

Light Commercial Pole Buildings – In the long run, instead of renting out a commercial building, it’ll be more economical if you build one.

How Can You Customize Your 60 x 80 Pole Barn?

To cater your needs and wants, here are some features you can add to your pole building:

  • A second floor accessible through an exterior stair
  • Attic area
  • Wood, vinyl, or specialty siding
  • Insulated workshops with workbenches
  • Customize the Color
  • More windows
  • Shingled roof
  • Finished interiors
  • Entry doors
  • Overhead doors

Aside from features, you can customize your pole barn’s function as well:

  • Retail business and Shop combined
  • Garage with living quarters and balcony on the 2nd floor
  • Garage and Horse barn combined
  • Garage with Hobby shop

How Much Does a 60 x 80 Pole Barn Cost?

Typically, a square foot of a pole barn will cost from about $7-$60. This price depends on the features you want to add on your pole barn to make it look like your dream building. Thus, a 60 x 80 Pole Barn will cost about $33,600-$288,000. 

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Pole Barn Kit Construction

Pole Barns can be built several ways. You will need to decide which construction method suites your needs and fits on your property. 

Traditional Wood

traditional built garage

Stick building is a traditional way of framing a barn building.  Most custom builders use this as their preferred manner of constructing since they tend to build barns that are unique.  Roofs, floor trusses and all framing is, in effect, created on site from individual pieces of lumber.

Pole Barns


Pole barns and garages can be built much quicker than traditionally constructed buildings. When constructed to your specifications, pole garages and post frame buildings are the perfect solution to your storage needs. They are an economical solution residential construction. 

Metal Buildings


Metal Buildings are an economical solution for both commercial and smaller residential construction. This style has straight walls with a gable or sloped roofing system. Steel Buildings are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.

Wood Pole Barn vs Metal Pole Barn
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