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Residential Pole Buildings - Pole Barn Kits for Homes, Workshops, RV Storage, Garages

Pole Barn Homes

Over the past few years, residential pole buildings have become popular. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity is pole barn houses having the same look and feel as a modern home without the metal look. In the past, residential pole buildings were boring and plain, but that is no longer the case.

When you first look at post frame houses, the cost will be one of the most appealing characteristics. Pole barn houses will cost much less when compared with other methods of construction. This is true even when you add features such as decorative windows, overhands, and wainscot. The lower price is not a sign of poor quality, but has to do with the lower material requirement as the supporting poles are usually 10’ to 12′ apart.

Pole Barn Garages

Residential Pole BuildingAs the years go by, everyone starts to collect things whether they realize it or not. These collected items are precious to people and you will want to protect the Residential Pole Buildings. Fortunately, there is enough space in the country to build garage storage, but you will want this to be close to home.

In most cases, a standard garage will not be enough for everything you have such as cars, campers, boats, workbenches, bicycles, cars, and other items. If you cannot fit everything in your garage, you need to upgrade to a pole barn garage.

These garages will be on your property and you can easily store and access everything that you want to store. You will not have to pay any monthly rentals for storage space because you own the storage and it is on your property. The money you would spend on rental units will be better spent on a permanent place for all your favorite things.

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Workshop Buildings

RV pole buildingGetting an RV is a serious investment and you do not want the elements to destroy your investment. It is important that you protect your RV exterior from snow, sun, and rain. To do this, you need to have an RV storage building.

Building Residential Pole Buildings will not only protect the outside of the RV as the interior will also be looked after. Having your RV in a storage building will ensure the wiring, insulation, and upholstery are not damaged. A pole-built storage barn is a great choice for RV storage as it guarantees your investment is safe.

RV Storage Buildings

A home workshop is something that a lot of people want to have because they can do all their DIY projects easily. A workshop can also be the place you go to for some time alone or where you socialize with some of your close friends. Dedicated workshop buildings will have everything you need from a workbench to a place for the lawnmower to shelves for all your stuff. You can also put a TV, fridge, and decorations to make this into the ultimate relaxation space.

If you are a car enthusiast, you need to have a workshop. These buildings will be tall enough for a car lift and wide enough for your workbench as well as the tool chests. It is common to have a building that is a double garage with a third bay for your workshop. When you have a dedicated workshop, you will also be able to expand it for very little.

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