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Commercial Pole Buildings - Garages, Shop Buildings, Warehouse, Airplane Hangers, Retail, Church Buildings.

Commercial Garage Buildings

Commercial garage buildings make sense because they not only present you with a smart storage solution, but they also help keep your materials, parts, and machinery safe. When you store your equipment and machinery in a pole building, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about vandalism. 

A commercial pole storage building also provides you with a neat, well-lit space for machinery repairs. Also, they provide you with safe storage space for expensive equipment and parts. After all, mining, construction, and other industrial equipment don’t come cheap, and it’s only natural that you’d want to store them in a safe area.

Shop Buildings

Are you considering your options for your manufacturing, metalworking, auto or truck repair business? If so, we have just the right building for you! We can build you a customized machine shop with features that will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

A commercial shop building kit that is well built, easy to construct, and requires little overall maintenance an excellent choice for heavy-duty use of a commercial building. Hansen metal building kits also come with reflective insulation, which helps create a comfortable working space, provides consistent temperature, and also acts as a vapor obstacle hence eliminating condensation issues.

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Warehouse Buildings

Commercial Pole BuildingsWarehouse storage is one of the top uses of Commercial Pole Buildings. Previously, warehouses were viewed as ugly functional structures. However, things have changed a lot, and having a warehouse building demands sturdy construction with a hint of artistic design. A customized warehouse building kit provides you with all that….and much more!

Commercial Pole Buildings can be quite expensive to construct since you would have to rent heavy construction machinery, which can be quite costly. But there’s an alternative – pole building. With pole warehouse building, not only do you have a warehouse that offers sturdiness against all elements, but you also get to enjoy the convenience of doing it yourself. This way, your warehouse will be easy to put up and unique.

Airplane Hangers

Pole barn kits were meant for building airplane hangers! They are durable, resistant to all elements of nature. They can be customized to include a bathroom, shops, a kitchenette, and a sleeping area. How often do you use your airplane hanger? If you’re a frequent traveler, then it makes total sense to want the airplane hanger to be fully equipped with all these facilities and more.

Retail Buildings

Many businesses today are embracing the concept of Commercial Pole Buildings for their storefront. This is because prefab retail buildings are affordable and offer a variety of designs. Building traditional retail stores could end up taking months, and sometime it could even take over a year to complete the construction project. Plus, not only are they expensive, but you also have limited options for aesthetics unless you choose to remodel, which, of course, will cost you a ton of money.

Church Buildings

church pole buildingHas your congregation grown, and now you find yourself in need of a larger church? Or maybe you’re looking to set up another church in a new area, and you want it to be big enough to comfortably host your ever-growing congregation? Whichever the case, Commercial Pole Buildings are an excellent choice. We provide custom church building kits as well as barn churches that can meet the needs of your congregation for years to come. Since our church building kits are made to last, they carry warranties.

Many people often picture an ugly and weird boxy looking barn when they think about post-frame church buildings. But the truth is that your church building can be set up as unique as you would like it.

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