What is actually a ‘pole barn’? Well, this is simply a barn, which is constructed with support poles, according to the term itself. Due to such a structure, there is the underlying support for both outer walls and roof. Generally, the poles are wood or metal beams. These storage sheds are typically found either in rural areas or urban settings. In fact, pole barns have some common features to nearly all models. Firstly, the barn poles are all wood. Secondly, the barn shell is usually metal. Working together, those 2 materials produce the structure, suitable for livestock and additional storage.

Sometimes, a concrete foundation can be also added to the pole barn construction. However, there are pole buildings with just a simple dirt floor. It depends on the overall cost. The key disadvantage about them is being susceptible to unwanted guests, which easily find their way into such barns.

Pole Barns: The Basics

Many farmers, or those who have ‘good hands’, may build a pole barn by themselves. This is a relatively simple task, compared to other structure types. In fact, various pole barn plans are available from different sources. More so, they even help the builders and deliver all the supplies and materials, called pole barn kits.

There are 4 key simple steps to pole-building success: (1) creating a level base pad or just leaving the earth underfoot; (2) setting poles vertically into the ground holes; (3) connecting them with beams and braces; and (4) putting roof trusses on top. None of the work requires sophisticated skills or fancy tools.

The key advantages of any pole barn are its quick construction and its cost. Totally, this will cost about 6,000-12,000 US Dollars (USD), depending on the size and including/excluding a concrete floor. Mostly, the process takes over a weekend time. Speaking of disadvantages, pole sheds are afraid of high winds, in comparison with other types of barns. Thus, this must be a consideration in extremely windy locations.

The pole buildings suit to a variety of purposes. For example, a pole barn is used as livestock housing, hay storage, garage, machine shed and even airplane hangar! That’s because most pole constructions have sliding doors, particularly for easy access, moving animals/equipment in & out, and just human use.

In other words, pole-barn buildings are rather simple to build and beneficial due to their design flexibility. If you need adding shelter to your homestead, easy and economical pole barns are right for you. What to say, they are the fastest and the most cost-effective constructions. This way, it is possible to build permanent and solid shelter for storing equipment and house livestock, or organizing a garage and workshop facility. After all, why not use the pole barn approach for building your year-round home? Indeed, simplicity is a big part of its attraction. Yes, creating a classic and functional barn can be much more affordable and easier than you think… Anyway, if you have never constructed anything big before, then building pole barns will be a good place to start.

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