pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Rhode Island Pole Barn Kits

Rhode Island Pole Barn Kits – Reasonable Prices

Rhode Island Pole Barn Kits – The State of Rhode Island, or Providence Plantations, is situated in the New England region of the U.S. It is the smallest state by land area, at 1,214 square miles and the second most densely populated, only next to New Jersey. Interestingly, Rhode Island is rated as amongst five most energy-efficient state in the U.S. in relation to having the lowest level of energy consumption per capita. The state’s top industries are health services, tourism, and manufacturing. The tourism sector supports nearly 40,000 jobs. Its industrial products are centered on the construction of submarines and shipbuilding, fabricated metal products, boat building, costume jewelry, machinery and electrical equipment.

pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Because of its small land area, Rhode Island does not support large agricultural endeavors. Farmlands only cover about 10% of the state’s land at over 69,000 acres or 1,243 farms. Nonetheless, agriculture remains a key economic driver. Its major agricultural products include greenhouse and nursery stocks, apples, sweetcorn and dairy. Potatoes are also abundantly grown particularly in the southeastern area. Aside from farming, farmers derive most of their income from milk. Aquaculture is also growing in Rhode Island with 60 operations. Rhode Island’s aquaculture sector’s top product is oyster, where farmers harvest over 8 million a year, primarily for eating.

As energy efficiency is largely promoted in Rhode Island, many property projects are looking at using pole building technique, sometimes called as a post frame building or pole barn. For whatever purposes it may serve, pole buildings help the environment and they save you money. Two of the many advantages of pole building over other construction options are speed and cost. One can install a pole building in just one day compared with other more labor-intensive construction building types that use concrete or steel frames. In terms of energy-efficiency, these two options have poor inherent energy-efficiency when it comes to insulation despite their strength.

Finding Rhode Island Pole Barn Kits

Due to the popularity of pole buildings in Rhode Island, the state has many Rhode Island Pole Barn Kits suppliers online and offline. Selecting from a wide selection of suppliers can be really challenging. Begin by setting up your own criteria. Some of the characteristics you should consider include the reliability of the material, price, delivery, servicing problems, stability, special services and accessibility of the vendor. After evaluating a couple of Rhode Island pole barn kits suppliers, consult one or two people whose opinions you respect for any additional ideas. It may also help to seek advice from experienced professionals. You may also do your own research and conduct several supplier visits.

Cities in Rhode Island

Providence, Bristol, Central Falls, North Providence, East Providence, Barrington, Pascoag, Cumberland Hill, Cranston, Wakefield-Peacedale, Tiverton, Warwick, Woonsocket, Kingston, West Warwick, Greenville, Valley Falls, Newport, Westerly, Pawtucket, Newport East

State Resources

Rhode Island State Website

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County List In Rhode Island

  • Bristol County
  • Kent County
  • Newport County
  • Providence County
  • Washington County


Pole Barn Suppliers in Adjacent States

Pole Barn Kit Construction

Pole Barns can be built several ways. You will need to decide which construction method suites your needs and fits on your property. 

Traditional Wood

traditional built garage

Stick building is a traditional way of framing a barn building.  Most custom builders use this as their preferred manner of constructing since they tend to build barns that are unique.  Roofs, floor trusses and all framing is, in effect, created on site from individual pieces of lumber.

Pole Barns


Pole barns and garages can be built much quicker than traditionally constructed buildings. When constructed to your specifications, pole garages and post frame buildings are the perfect solution to your storage needs. They are an economical solution residential construction. 

Metal Buildings


Metal Buildings are an economical solution for both commercial and smaller residential construction. This style has straight walls with a gable or sloped roofing system. Steel Buildings are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.

Wood Pole Barn vs Metal Pole Barn
Compare Prices & Plans

Design The Pole Barn That Fits Your Needs.

pole barn kits

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