Pole barn prices can vary very much, from a small price of $2000 all the way to prices that can pass $70,000. The price list of a pole barn depends on several factors like the material you want to use for your building, the area and the weather in the area you want to build, the size of the construction, the accessories it will have, whether you want to use a pole barn kit or not, and probably the most important factor is whether you want to build your pole barn construction on your own or if you want to hire a contractor to build it for you.

After you’ve decided on the area, the location, the material and so on, you have to go to an architect and get a plan for the building that you want to build, this part will also cost you some money depending on the size and the complexity of the construction that you want to build, some architects may ask you for about $1,000 some may charge you even more.

If you’ve decided to go with hiring a contractor to build your pole barn, you have to be prepared to pay a bit more for your building than the Pole Barn Prices that you would normally pay if you were to build it on your own, because you have to pay the workers as well. The price list for pole barn constructions when it comes to contractors starts from about $10,000 for a 2 car garage with a size of 24 x 24, $20,000 for a storage unit of 40 x 60 and around $29,000 for a horse barn with a size of 36 x 48 but these prices can go up depending on the extra accessories that you want installed in your construction and also depending on the size of the building. For a pole barn house prices starting from around $35,000 for a medium size house and can go up to $90,000 even $100,000.

Pole Barn Prices- Hire a Professional

Pole barn pricing can be cut down if you decide to build your pole burn by yourself, and don’t hire a professional contractor to do it for you, also the pole barn prices can be cut down even more if you decide to use a pole barn kit for your building, which will come equipped with most of the parts that you will need to get your pole barn house up including most of the tools. One of the cheapest pole barn kits, you will be able to find on the market costs almost $3,000 for a simple garage with the size of 24’ x 24 ‘x 8’ and can go up to around $7,000 for a garage with the dimensions of 36’ x 48’ x 10’. If you want to build a medium storage the price for the kit starts at almost $6,000 having the dimensions of 36’ x 36’ x 12’ and may reach the price of $13,000 if you want to go for the bigger one with the size of 40’ x 80’ x 14’.

If neither of these storage buildings isn’t enough for your necessities, you may go for the large storage building kit which has the starting price of $11,500 for a building with the dimensions of 40’ x 60’ x 16’ and can’t go up to $30,000 for the biggest one with the size of 60’ x 120’ x 16’.

Although these Pole Barn Prices may seem high they are actually not if you compare them to the prices of a regular construction that may go up to a lot more, so if you plan on building a house or a storage facility you should think twice before deciding to go with a regular building.

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