pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Nebraska Pole Barn Kits

Nebraska Pole Barn Kits Are Affordably Priced

Nebraska Pole Barn Kits – Nebraska, a state located in the Midwestern region of the US, is only about 200,000 km2 in size and with only less than 2 million residents. The state is largely agricultural and among major soybeans, corn, beef, and pork producers in the US. Nebraska has over 49,000 farms and ranches spread across over a 45million acres.

Farms and ranches represent over 90% of the state’s land area. It is ranked fourth in terms of agricultural receipts in the US and contributes over $25 billion to the state’s economy. Livestock raising accounts for two-thirds of the state’s farm income, particularly beef cattle and hogs.

pole barn kits

Compare Pole Barn Kit Pricing and save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Compare Pole Barn Kit Prices and
save up to 30%!

Other sectors of importance to Nebraska’s economy are IT, telco, manufacturing of electrical machinery, insurance, primary metals, and freight transport. Food processing, particularly beef production is the state’s largest industry. The flourishing industries in Nebraska have contributed to keeping the state’s status as having the second-lowest unemployment rate in the US.

It accounts for more than one-fourth of the state’s economy and nearly 11% of the workforce. Manufacturing of chemicals, rubber, and plastics have been growing since the recession while manufacturing of machinery surged by more than threefold since the year 2009. It is not surprising too that among the best-paid positions in the state are in high-skilled manufacturing.

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Pole Barn Buildings in Nebraska

With agriculture playing a major role in Nebraska’s economy, the popularity of DIY pole barns or more commonly known as pole barns has not waned over the years. As the manufacturing sector continues to grow, the demand for cheaper large warehouses or storage areas has also fueled the use of pole-building techniques.

Pole building also known as post-frame construction utilizes large poles or posts that are buried in the ground. They can be also attached to a concrete pier foundation. Aside from their earlier use as DIY pole barns, post-frame construction can also be used for residential and commercial use, including pole barn garages, shops, offices, horse stalls, living space, barn homes, and even churches.

DIY Pole Barns in Nebraska

Pole barn kits are popular in Nebraska as many love the idea of

being able to construct their pole barns. The Kits usually include all the necessary materials needed for construction, from the poles or posts, lumber, roofing, siding, and fasteners. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Those who want a more customized look for their pole barns can always add personal touches and details to the design.

Many people are drawn to the idea of a pole barn, especially a metal pole barn, because it is a cheaper alternative to traditional pole buildings. It is also more versatile as it can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for a storage shed, workshop, or office space, a pole barn building can be a great option.


Choosing the Right Pole Barn Packages

When it comes to choosing the right pole barn kit, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Size of the barn kit

Make sure that you choose a size that is appropriate for your needs. If you plan to use it for storage, then choose a size that can accommodate all the things you need to store. If you plan to use it as a workshop, consider the tools and equipment you will be using.

Choose the right material

The most common materials used for DIY pole barns are wood and metal. Wood is the cheaper option but it is not as durable as metal. Metal pole barns are more expensive but they are more durable and can last for a long time.

Choose the right roofing

The most common types of roofs used for pole barn kits are gable and hip roofs. Gable roofs are cheaper but they are not as durable as hip roofs. Hip roofs are more expensive but they can last for a long time.

Consider the climate

When choosing a pole barn kit, it is important to consider the climate in your area. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions, then choose a material that can withstand harsh conditions.

Get a permit

Before you start construction, make sure you get a permit from the local authorities. This will ensure that your pole barn kit complies with the building code in your area.


Pole barn kits can vary in price depending on the quality of materials used and the size of the kit. It is important to find a company that offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Customer service

You want to make sure that you are dealing with a company that is responsive and helpful. The fourth is the delivery time. Some companies may take longer to deliver your kit than others. It is important to find a company that can deliver your kit promptly.

Pole barns are a great addition to any property. They are versatile, affordable, and easy to construct. If you are thinking of building a pole barn in Nebraska, make sure that you do your research and choose a reputable company that offers high-quality materials and good customer service. Among them include Morton Buildings, Hansen Buildings, and more.

50x80 Pole Barn Kit

Why Are Steel Buildings Preferred Over Structures With Wood Framing For Barn Building?

The debate between steel and wood-framed buildings has been around for a long time. There are pros and cons to each type of building, but there are some key reasons why steel buildings are preferred over wood structures for barn buildings.

1. A pole building is more durable than wood structure. They can withstand high winds, heavy snow loads, and seismic activity.

2. A pole building is termite and fire-resistant. This is a big advantage over wood structures, which are susceptible to damage from these pests and elements.

3. Pole barns require less maintenance than wood structures. They do not rot, warp, or crack as wood does.

4. Pole barn kits are more energy-efficient than wood structures. They are better at regulating temperature and do not require as much heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable environment.

5. Pole barn kits are more environmentally friendly than wood structures. They are made from recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of their life.

6. A pole building is faster and easier to construct than wood structures. This is because the framing is already in place and the panels are prefabricated.

7. Pole barn kits are more affordable than wood structures. The initial cost may be higher, but the long-term savings on maintenance and energy costs make steel buildings a more economical choice.

8. Pole barn kits can be designed to meet specific needs. They can be easily customized to create the perfect space for your barn.

9. A pole building is a smart investment. They increase the value of your property and are less likely to depreciate as wood structures can.

10. Steel buildings offer peace of mind. When you choose a steel building for your barn, you know that you are making a safe and durable investment.

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Pole Barn Prices in Nebraska

The cost of a pole barn will vary depending on the size, the materials used, the company you purchase it from, and any customizations you make.

On average, a basic 30×40 pole barn made with low-cost materials will cost around $6,000. A higher-end 30×40 pole barn with more expensive materials and customizations can cost up to $30,000.

The size of the pole barn is one of the biggest factors that will affect the price. The larger the pole barn, the more expensive it will be.

The type of materials used will also affect the pole building cost. For example, a pole barn made with metal siding will be more expensive than one made with wood siding.

If you choose to customize your pole barn, the cost will also go up. Customizations can include adding windows, doors, insulation, and electricity.

The pole building company you purchase your pole barn from will also affect the price. Some pole building companies charge more than others for the same product. It is important to compare prices from different companies before making a purchase.

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Finding Nebraska Pole Barn Kits

If you’re looking at having a customized Nebraska Pole Barn Kits building, make sure to contact only a reputable Nebraska pole barn kits supplier. Begin by finding out their years of experience. Of course, a pole building company that stood the test of time could only mean that it has built a good reputation in the market.

Researching information online and reading pole building company reviews can be very helpful as you set out your criteria. Quality should come first before affordability. It is also a good idea to consult with experienced professionals to help you in the decision-making.

Cities in Nebraska

Blair, York, Falls City, McCook, Plattsmouth, Elkhorn, Fairbury, Ralston, Schuyler, Scottsbluff, Grand Island, Beatrice, Ogallala, Hastings, Lincoln, North Platte, Lexington, Nebraska City, La Vista, Chadron, Papillion, Norfolk, South Sioux City, Offutt AFB, Gering, Crete, Seward, Alliance, Columbus, Wahoo, Bellevue, Fremont, Omaha, Cozad, Wayne, Holdrege, Chalco, Aurora, Kearney, Sidney

State Resources

Nebraska State Website

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County List In Nebraska

  • Adams County
  • Antelope County
  • Arthur County
  • Banner County
  • Blaine County
  • Boone County
  • Box Butte County
  • Boyd County
  • Brown County
  • Buffalo County
  • Burt County
  • Butler County
  • Cass County
  • Cedar County
  • Chase County
  • Cherry County
  • Cheyenne County
  • Clay County
  • Colfax County
  • Cuming County
  • Custer County
  • Dakota County
  • Dawes County
  • Dawson County
  • Deuel County
  • Dixon County
  • Dodge County
  • Douglas County
  • Dundy County
  • Fillmore County
  • Franklin County
  • Frontier County
  • Furnas County
  • Gage County
  • Garden County
  • Garfield County
  • Gosper County
  • Grant County
  • Greeley County
  • Hall County
  • Hamilton County
  • Harlan County
  • Hayes County
  • Hitchcock County
  • Holt County
  • Hooker County
  • Howard County
  • Jefferson County
  • Johnson County
  • Kearney County
  • Keith County
  • Keya Paha County
  • Kimball County
  • Knox County
  • Lancaster County
  • Lincoln County
  • Logan County
  • Loup County
  • Madison County
  • McPherson County
  • Merrick County
  • Morrill County
  • Nance County
  • Nemaha County
  • Nuckolls County
  • Otoe County
  • Pawnee County
  • Perkins County
  • Phelps County
  • Pierce County
  • Platte County
  • Polk County
  • Red Willow County
  • Richardson County
  • Rock County
  • Saline County
  • Sarpy County
  • Saunders County
  • Scotts Bluff County
  • Seward County
  • Sheridan County
  • Sherman County
  • Sioux County
  • Stanton County
  • Thayer County
  • Thomas County
  • Thurston County
  • Valley County
  • Washington County
  • Wayne County
  • Webster County
  • Wheeler County
  • York County


Pole Barn Suppliers in Adjacent States

Pole Barn Kit Construction

Pole Barns can be built several ways. You will need to decide which construction method suites your needs and fits on your property. 

Traditional Wood

traditional built garage

Stick building is a traditional way of framing a barn building.  Most custom builders use this as their preferred manner of constructing since they tend to build barns that are unique.  Roofs, floor trusses and all framing is, in effect, created on site from individual pieces of lumber.

Pole Barns


Pole barns and garages can be built much quicker than traditionally constructed buildings. When constructed to your specifications, pole garages and post frame buildings are the perfect solution to your storage needs. They are an economical solution residential construction. 

Metal Buildings


Metal Buildings are an economical solution for both commercial and smaller residential construction. This style has straight walls with a gable or sloped roofing system. Steel Buildings are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.

Wood Pole Barn vs Metal Pole Barn
Compare Prices & Plans

Design The Pole Barn That Fits Your Needs.

pole barn kits

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